A Dog's Life

Pin It on Pinterest A DOG'S LIFE is a 1918 American short silent film written, produced and directed by Charlie Chaplin. Long hailed as one of Charlie Chaplin's finest short comedies, the story presents the misadventures of a homeless man - Chaplin's iconic Little Tramp character, and a stray dog, 'Scraps' - played by a vagrant canine named 'Mutt', as they struggle to survive in the big city. Scrap's raffish charm and vulnerability perfectly complimented that of The Little Tramp onscreen. Chaplin adopted Mutt as a studio mascot and planned to use him in future films. It was not to be. Shortly after completing "A Dog's Life" in March, Chaplin embarked on a cross-country tour selling war bonds. Mutt had grown so attached to the comedian that in his absence he refused to eat and wandered around the lot looking dejected. Despite the administrations of a vet he died a few days before Chaplin's return. The devoted pooch was buried on the studio grounds beneath a little marker with the inscription: "Mutt died April 29th - a broken heart."



Scraps is made of the finest custom-made mohair/wool plush in a warm white color with airbrushed markings. His neck features a ball & socket joint for expressive posing. Glass pupil eyes, inset whiskers and a molded leather nose add to his appealing realism. Around his neck is the rope which serves as his only collar and leash. Scraps measures 6 inches tall sitting and will be in perfect scale to the upcoming RJW doll of Charlie Chaplin as The Little Tramp!

Scraps is handcrafted at the R. John Wright workshop in Bennington, Vermont in an extremely small edition of just 100 pieces worldwide. Each comes in his own deluxe RJW box with an edition tag, certificate of authenticity and the forms for owner registration. Scraps is available through our authorized retailers.

DIRECT PURCHASE: Scraps is completely SOLD OUT from the RJW Company Store. This includes the rare Artist Proofs. Please contact one of our retailers regarding availability!

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