Rose O'Neill Collection

Rose O'Neill

From 1909 to 1939, Kewpies reigned surpreme in the world of dolls. Rose O'Neill, the inventor of the Kewpie®, Scootles®, and other characters, first introduced her delightful sprites in drawings and verse which appeared in leading women's periodicals of the day. From there, they soon became paper dolls, then bisque figurines and dolls, and early composition dolls. O'Neill's whimsical artwork also adorned hundreds of items including dishes, novelties, and decorative objects.

Since their introduction a hundred years ago, the adorable little babies of Rose O'Neill's imagination continue to bring untold delight to millions of children and adults alike. In 1999, R. John Wright Dolls was granted the license to produce Rose O'Neill's delightful characters for the first time in the medium of molded felt.


Celebration Scootles®
Peppermint Scootles®
Peppermint Pal®
Sunshine Scootles®
8" Klassic Kewpie®
Fleur Kewpie®
Flit - Kewpie Bug®
UFDC Boutonniere Kewpie®
Boutonniere Kewpie®
Hottentot Kewpie®
Millennium Kewpie®
Kewpie® & Teddy
Luna - Kewpie Bug®
Lulu - Flower Kewpie®
Peeper - Kewpie Bug®
Poppy - Flower Kewpie®
Caper - Kewpie Bug®
Crocus - Flower Kewpie®
Pink Bonnet Kewpie®
Green Bonnet Kewpie®
Blue Bonnet Kewpie®
Kewpie Bunny®
Kewpie Chick®
Kewpie Pumpkin®
Kewpie Kat®
Kewpie Witch®

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