We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during during production of the Wizard of Oz Mouse Collection:

(Photo above) Dorothy's tiny pinafore is sewn together

(Photo above) Dorothy's blouse is sewn of fine Italian organdy

(Photo above) Tiny buttons are sewn to the pinafore

(Photo above) Dorothy's basket is handmade at the RJW workshop

(Photo above) Each basket is meticulously woven out of ash splints

(Photo above) The baskets are incredibly small and detailed!

(Photo above) A small group of completed Dorothy baskets

(Photo above) Silk fabric is sewn for the Ruby Slippers

(Photo above) Each tiny shoe goes through several stages

(Photo above) Dorothy is deciding which shoes to wear!

(Photo above) The Dorothy mice are dressed

(Photo above) Each mouse is given her own basket

(Photo above) A tray of Dorothy mice in process

(Photo above) The mice are beautifully packaged w/certificates

(Photo above) The Scarecrow mouses' tunics are sewn together

(Photo above) Several ironing steps are required

(Photo above) A tray of Scarecrow tunics in process

(Photo above) The Scarecrow mice are carefully dressed

(Photo above) A tray of Scarecrow mice in process

(Photo above) The parts for the Tin Man's costume are hand formed

(Photo above) The collars are shaped using a wooden tool

(Photo above) The Tin Man's suit requires several assembly proceedures

(Photo above) The Tin Man's tiny funnel hat is hand formed

(Photo above) The miniature axe handles are cut out of basswood

(Photo above) Each handle is carefully sanded

(Photo above) The completed axes are hand painted with silver paint

(Photo above) The Tin Man is dressed for his role!

(Photo above) Each Tin Man receives his axe

(Photo above) The Tin Men are numbered and boxed for shipment

(Photo above) The Cowardly lion's head is handsewn prior to stuffing

(Photo above) The Cowardly Lion's suit is turned inside out

(Photo above) The mohair costume requires hand-shaving

(Photo above) The Cowardly Lion's mane is gently curled!

(Photo above) A tiny red silk bow is added to each Lion's coiffure

(Photo above) A tray holds all four of the main Oz characters

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