We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Winter - Four Seasons Collection:

(Photo above) On the felt arms, the individual fingers are precisely sewn!

(Photo above) The snowsuits are sewn of felt and wool plush

(Photo above) The matching hats are turned inside out

(Photo above) Special procedures are used to create the tiny covered buttons

(Photo above) Finishing work on the felt snowsuits

(Photo above) The tiny felt-covered buttons are added

(Photo above) The dolls are dressed before the heads are attached!

(Photo above) Meanwhile, the heads are molded, painted and wigged

(Photo above) The leather boots are hand-cobbled

(Photo above) The soles and heels are attached

(Photo above) In another area, work begins on the wooden sled

(Photo above) The parts are created with skill and precision

(Photo above) A group of sleds await their bottom runners

(Photo above) Each doll is dressed snugly for wintertime play!

(Photo above) The dolls are placed in their deluxe presentation boxes

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