We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Toto - from the Wizard of Oz series.

(Photo above) Toto's fur is carefully cut to maintain the pile

(Photo above) The parts are skillfuly sewn together on the industrial machine

(Photo above) A Toto face is molded in the custom press

(Photo above) A group of preliminary Toto heads

(Photo above) Toto's head is jointed to his body

(Photo above) Heavy felt-covered wire is inserted in the legs

(Photo above) Natural kapok stuffing is placed inside Toto

(Photo above) The stuffing holes are sewn closed by hand

(Photo above) The felt lining of the ears is applied

(Photo above) The seams are brushed prior to painting

(Photo above) Toto receives his airbrushed 'brindle' coloration

(Photo above) A lineup of styled dogs ready for boxing

(Photo above) Toto is carefully placed inside his Oz presentation box

(Photo above) Each receives the numbered certificate of authenticity

(Photo above) The Toto sisters (Mary Ann & Emily Toto) pose with their namesake!

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