We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Spring, Summer, & Fall - Four Seasons Collection:

(Photo above) The mohair wigs are styled on the Spring dolls

(Photo above) Spring's dress is sewn of fine Italian organdy

(Photo above) Tiny silk buds are added to the waistband

(Photo above) The felt bonnets are sewn together

(Photo above) Each bonnet is blocked and finished by hand

(Photo above) The tiny felt bunnies will be held by Spring

(Photo above) Each bunny is delicately airbrushed

(Photo above) A tray of completed miniature toy bunnies

(Photo above) Trays of completed Spring dolls await boxing

(Photo above) Each doll receives her Springtime bunny

(Photo above) The dolls are beautifully packaged

(Photo above) The parts for Summer's suit are cut with skill and precision

(Photo above) The sewn felt and cotton strips are ironed flat

(Photo above) Meanwhile, the vintage paper kites are precisely cut

(Photo above) The edges are folded and glue is applied

(Photo above) The string is inserted along the edges

(Photo above) The string is attached to the wooden frame

(Photo above) The rag tail is tied to the kite

(Photo above) Fall's miniature felt dachshund is sewn together

(Photo above) After sewing, the pups must be turned inside out

(Photo above) Fine stuffing and finishing is required on each dachshund

(Photo above) The dogs come to life with skillful airbrushing

(Photo above) Fall's mohair wig is carefuly styled

(Photo above) Dressing begins on the Fall dolls

(Photo above) A group of Fall dolls await final inspection

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