We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the RED CLOVER FAIRY™.

(Photo above) In the sewing department, the Red Clover Fairy dresses are made

(Photo above) The dresses are made of custom-dyed bonded silk fabric

(Photo above) In the finishing department, the dresses receive detailed ironing

(Photo above) The completed dresses are lined up for dressing

(Photo above) Some clothing is put on the dolls at an early stage

(Photo above) The all-felt clover blossoms are carefully constructed by hand

(Photo above) The jar holds completed felt clover while the parts are displayed in front

(Photo above) The Red Clover Fairy gets her mohair wig

(Photo above) The Red Clover Fairies are lined up on trays awaiting their clovers!

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