We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of THE RAINDROPS ON ROSES EVENT PIECES.

(Photo above) Assembling the felt Raindrops on Roses napkin rings

(Photo above) The napkin rings are made in four different colors

(Photo above) The coral colored roses await finishing

(Photo above) Sewing the dresses for "Marta" - the event souvenir doll

(Photo above) Detailed ironing is an important part of finishing

(Photo above) Several painting steps are required to achieve the desired effect on the clothing

(Photo above) The molded apron is carefully painted

(Photo above) After painting, the felt apron parts are sewn together

(Photo above) Each eyelash is meticulously hand painted

(Photo above) Another RJW artisan skillfully paints the mouth

(Photo above) The mohair wig is carefully positioned and secured

(Photo above) The "quiff" is styled in place

(Photo above) In the shoemaking department, the felt and leather clogs are formed and assembled

(Photo above) The finished dolls await dressing

(Photo above) The completed rose napkin rings with crystal raindrops applied

(Photo above) The Raindrops on Roses napkin rings are boxed for the event

(Photo above) At last the dolls are ready to be dressed

(Photo above) The Marta dolls awaiting their felt scarfs

(Photo above) Final finishing touches prior to boxing

(Photo above) Completed dolls lined up on trays awaiting packaging

(Photo above) Although handmade, each doll is very consistent within the edition

(Photo above) Three little sisters ready to travel to Chicago!

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