We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Puddles - From the Springtime Friends Series:

(Photo above) "Puddles" the duck is sewn of fine alpaca plush

(Photo above) After stuffing, the hole is sewn closed

(Photo above) Following molding, the seams are carefully brushed

(Photo above) The felt feet feature heavy wire inserts

(Photo above) Ironing the felt duckling feet

(Photo above) Each foot is artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) The feet are inserted into each duckling

(Photo above) The glass eyes feature felt backing

(Photo above) The tiny umbrella handles are individually molded

(Photo above) Each handle is sanded prior to painting

(Photo above) The handles are attached to the umbrella shafts

(Photo above) Puddles' So'Wester hat is sewn and topstitched

(Photo above) Each hat is ironed and finished

(Photo above) The tiny custom-made buckles are fastened

(Photo above) The hats and umbrellas are added

(Photo above) The ducklings are packaged for shipment

(Photo above) Each Puddles includes a numbered certificate

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