We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the PINE TREE FAIRY™.

(Photo above) Each piece of the pine cone hat is molded in custom molds

(Photo above) After molding, the pieces are artfully airbrushed

(Photo above) The hats are constructed on a felt foundation

(Photo above) The pine cone hat is skillfully constructed

(Photo above) Applying the felt pieces in sequence one-by-one

(Photo above) The tiny molded felt pieces of the pine cone are airbrushed

(Photo above) Beginning construction of the all-felt pine cone

(Photo above) The realistic felt pine cones near completion

(Photo above) A special tool twists the pine needles into the wire stem

(Photo above) Further delicate airbrush coloration to the assembled pine cone

(Photo above) The Pine Tree Fairy's shoes are formed on a metal last

(Photo above) Tiny onyx beads are hand sewn onto the felt tunic

(Photo above) The silk organza wings are artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) The delicate fairy wings are attached

(Photo above) The Pine Tree Fairy's are carefully boxed for shipment

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