We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Patsy®.

(Photo above) Patsy's head has a buckram foundation and a wooden interior

(Photo above) The felt 'skin' is applied to the buckram foundation

(Photo above) During construction extra attention is given to the ears

(Photo above) Patsy's face is carefully hand painted

(Photo above) Trays of painted and unpainted heads

(Photo above) The wood joint mechanism is inserted into the torso

(Photo above) The torsos receive their final molding

(Photo above) Each finger is hand stuffed with kapok

(Photo above) A tray of molded arms

(Photo above) A tray of molded legs

(Photo above) The dresses are sewn of fine dotted Swiss and cotton piqué

(Photo above) Snaps are applied to the leather shoe uppers

(Photo above) The hairline is marked for the wig placement

(Photo above) Patsy's hand-knotted mohair wig is styled

(Photo above) The 'fairycloth' cotton teddy is put on

(Photo above) The pure silk ribbons are sewn to the bonnet by hand

(Photo above) The bonnet is positioned in place

(Photo above) A group of Patsy's ready to meet their new owners!

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