We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Pansy - The Candy Container Bunny:

(Photo above) The candy container bunnies are made of the finest alpaca plush

(Photo above) The removeable heads are lined with luxurious jacquard fabric

(Photo above) A tray of airbrushed bunny heads

(Photo above) The delicate whiskers are sewn in place

(Photo above) The parts for the ribbon and flower garlands

(Photo above) Each blossom is handmade out of wool felt

(Photo above) The handmade garlands are woven together

(Photo above) The finished garland is tied around Pansy's neck

(Photo above) The numbered edition tag is sewn to each rabbit

(Photo above) The bunnies are carefully packaged for shipment

(Photo above) The numbered certificate is also included

(Photo above) Each bunny will travel to a different household!

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