We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Little Miss Muffet from the Mother Goose Collection:

(Photo above) The Little Miss Muffet mouse's features are hand embroidered

(Photo above) Her dress is sewn of custom-dyed cotton batiste

(Photo above) The apron is made from custom-printed cotton fabric

(Photo above) A thread is run through the hem to gather the skirt

(Photo above) It's not as easy as you think to dress these!

(Photo above) After sewing and blocking, the straw bonnet is assembled

(Photo above) Ultra-fine pure silk ribbons are added to Miss Muffet's bonnet

(Photo above) The bonnet is fitted over the mouse's ears

(Photo above) The teeny little metal spoon is placed in Miss Muffet's hand

(Photo above) Two trays of completed mice with their wooden bowls

(Photo above) Little Miss Muffet is arranged inside her deluxe box

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