We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Merry Wanderer - Hummel Series:

(Photo above) Sewing begins on the Merry Wanderer's satchel

(Photo above) The construction of each satchel is meticulously hand-guided

(Photo above) Several sewing steps are required

(Photo above) A group of completed satchels with wooden handles

(Photo above) The felt arms are carefully sewn, stuffed, and molded

(Photo above) Sewing together the Merry Wanderer's jacket

(Photo above) A tray of molded felt torsos with jointed legs

(Photo above) Assembling the Merry Wanderer's hat

(Photo above) The distinctive derby-style hat is hand-blocked into shape

(Photo above) Airbrushing the colors onto the umbrella

(Photo above) Assembly of the felt and wood umbrella

(Photo above) The Merry Wanderer's fine hand-cobbled leather shoes

(Photo above) At last everything comes together

(Photo above) A net protects the hair as the doll is costumed

(Photo above) A group of Merry Wanderer dolls await finishing and boxing

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