We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Marmalade - An exclusive Toy Shoppe edition:

(Photo above) The parts for Marmalade are cut of the finest alpaca plush

(Photo above) The fur is flicked aside by hand to avoid cutting the pile

(Photo above) The kitten bodies are skillfully sewn together

(Photo above) The separate head parts are sewn together

(Photo above) The kittens must then be turned inside out

(Photo above) A sitting kitten begins to appear!

(Photo above) Before stuffing, the brass 'RJW' button is permanently affixed

(Photo above) The neck is shaved where the joint will rotate

(Photo above) The kitten head is molded in the heated press

(Photo above) Molding brings out the sculptural details

(Photo above) The tiny felt paw pads are also molded into shape

(Photo above) A tray of molded felt paw pads

(Photo above) Each paw pad is carefully shaded

(Photo above) The tiny front foot pads are sewn in place

(Photo above) The center pad is also affixed

(Photo above) The Marmalade kittens are artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) Each body and head requires extensive airbrushed markings

(Photo above) The paper weight eyes are inserted

(Photo above) The eyes are positioned in their felt-lined sockets

(Photo above) The kittens are nearing completion

(Photo above) The silk bows are tied around the neck

(Photo above) A Marmalade kitty sits in the workshop window

(Photo above) A group of Marmalade kittens await boxing

(Photo above) The deluxe custom-made boxes are readied

(Photo above) Each Marmalade is nestled for its journey to the Toy Shoppe!

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