We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the LITTLE TOMMY TITTLEMOUSE.

(Photo above) The mouse is skillfully airbrushed

(Photo above) The tiny jacket is carefully ironed.

(Photo above) The grosgrain ribbon hatbands are put in place

(Photo above) The first step airbrushing the felt fish

(Photo above) Further detailed airbrushing using various colors

(Photo above) The tiny glass eyes are inserted in the fish

(Photo above) A miniature fish hook and cork bobber are included

(Photo above) Dressing begins on Tommy Tittlemouse

(Photo above) The trousers are pulled in place

(Photo above) The delicate whiskers are sewn in late in production

(Photo above) Adjusting the straw hats 'just so'

(Photo above) A jar of fishing poles with fish

(Photo above) The pole is the finishing touch

(Photo above) The Little Tommy Tittlemouse are carefully boxed

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