We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of LITTLE JACK HORNER - From the Mother Goose Mice series.

(Photo above) Little Jack Horner's silk suit is precisely sewn

(Photo above) Silk ruffles are added to the outfit

(Photo above) Details are flattened with a heated mini-ironing tool

(Photo above) The felt piecrust is hand gathered

(Photo above) Crust is added to the top of each pie

(Photo above) The pies are lightly 'browned' with an airbrush

(Photo above) A group of mouse-sized pies - cooked and un-cooked!

(Photo above) The tip of each leather tail is sharpened

(Photo above) Little Jack's felt hat is molded

(Photo above) The hats are delicately shaded with yellow ochre

(Photo above) The hand-dyed marabou hat feathers drying out

(Photo above) Each feather is curled into shape

(Photo above) Custom-dyed silk ribbon is added to each hat

(Photo above) Silk bows decorate the tiny hats

(Photo above) The gay feather plume is attached

(Photo above) Incredibly tiny shank buttons are sewn to the outfit

(Photo above) Dressing begins on Little Jack Horner

(Photo above) Dressing continues with the addition of the trousers

(Photo above) Each mouse receives its numbered edition tag

(Photo above) The mice are carefully accessorized

(Photo above) Ready to be packaged for shipment!

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