We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of the LAVENDER FAIRY™.

(Photo above) The Lavender Fairy's costume is sewn of felt and silk crepe

(Photo above) After sewing, the dress is carefully colored and shaded

(Photo above) The tiny parts of the lavender flowers are precision cut and sewn

(Photo above) Each piece is carefully airbrushed with custom-mixed shades

(Photo above) The lavender flower parts resemble a Japanese meal!

(Photo above) Finished dresses alongside trays of doll parts

(Photo above) The protected handpainted doll heads with applied mohair wigs

(Photo above) The lovely wings are made of hand painted silk organza

(Photo above) Each tiny lavender bud is sewn and turned out of silk and felt

(Photo above) The lavender stalk is artistically assembled by hand

(Photo above) The felt covered wood bases are adorned with leaves

(Photo above) At last, the felt and organdy butterflies are positioned

(Photo above) Tiny felt lavender flowers are attached to the waistline

(Photo above) The fairies are joined with their decorated bases

(Photo above) Each fairy is carefully placed inside its presentation box

(Photo above) Lavender Fairies await the journey to their new owners!

(Photo above) Gale Burnor(L) receives a present from fellow RJW associate Bonnie Pfeiffer(R)!

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