We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of Isabelle from the TODDLER BEAR series:

(Photo above) After sewing, Isabelle's torso is closed by hand

(Photo above) Likewise, the head opening is sewn closed by hand

(Photo above) The bears are artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) The detailed paws are hand stuffed with kapok

(Photo above) A group of bears await dressing

(Photo above) The flirty ruffles are sewn to Isabelle's romper

(Photo above) The straps are attached to the bubble romper

(Photo above) Isabelle's sun hat is sewn together

(Photo above) Several ironing steps are required

(Photo above) These discs are being gathered for the hat's covered button

(Photo above) Buttoning Isabelle's romper

(Photo above) The hat is positioned over the ears and buckled

(Photo above) The Isabelle's are beautifully boxed

(Photo above) Each receives its Certificate of Authenticity

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