We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during during production of the Fairy Tale Mice:

(Photo above) Mouse heads under construction

(Photo above) Red Riding Hood's tiny basket is hand woven

(Photo above) Each mouse receives her costume details

(Photo above) The hood is tacked in place

(Photo above) A tray of dressed mice await final inspection

(Photo above) Tom Thumb's peasant shoes being sewn

(Photo above) Each tiny shoe is turned inside out

(Photo above) The lacing is threaded through each shoe

(Photo above) Tom's wooden sword is handcrafted

(Photo above) A tray of completed Tom Thumb mice

(Photo above) Each Tom Thumb receives its own wood sword

(Photo above) Gretel's costume is sewn together

(Photo above) A group of Hansel's on a production tray

(Photo above) Various aspects of the Gretel production

(Photo above) Cinderella's lovely silk ballgown is sewn

(Photo above) Several ironing steps are required

(Photo above) This tube wrap helps to tame the drape of the costume

(Photo above) A tray of Cinderellas approach completion

(Photo above) Cinderella's tiny slippers are embellished with crystals

(Photo above) Each mouse receives her crystal tiera

(Photo above) A group of Cinderella mice ready for boxing

(Photo above) Aladdin receives his whiskers

(Photo above) Each mouse is costumed in stages

(Photo above) A tray of molded felt fez's

(Photo above) Each fez is decorated with a tiny felt accent

(Photo above) A tiny metallic tassle is added to each hat

(Photo above) Each shoe is hand trimmed after being sewn

(Photo above) The toes are curled on Aladdin's shoes!

(Photo above) The completed fez's are positioned over one ear

(Photo above) At last, each mouse receives its own magic lamp!

(Photo above) A group of Aladdin's await numbering

(Photo above) The tip is added to the Little Mermaid's tail

(Photo above) Each mouse receives her decorative headpiece of tiny pearls

(Photo above) Pleated fabric is added to the mermaid tail

(Photo above) The mermaid tails are positioned in place

(Photo above) Silver cording and pearls are added at the waistline

(Photo above) Delicate crystal stones are applied to the mermaid costume

(Photo above) A group of Little Mermaid's resting on drydock

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