We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Digby - 2015 Christmas Bear:

(Photo above) Digby's arms are turned and the claws inserted

(Photo above) Hand sculpting the paws with the electric trimmers

(Photo above) The tiny paw pads get their airbrushed detail

(Photo above) The molded paw pads are postioned in place

(Photo above) Hand-stitching the feet

(Photo above) Hand brushing the seams after preliminary sewing

(Photo above) The tiny felt flowers of Digby's poinsettia are sewn

(Photo above) A tray of wired poinsettia petals in process

(Photo above) Each petal receives its molded details

(Photo above) A poinsettia leaf receives its vivid coloring

(Photo above) Many assembly steps are required to make the all-felt poinsettias

(Photo above) The lovely Christmas flower begins to take shape!

(Photo above) A view of the RJW 'Florists' at work

(Photo above) Each flower is carefully hand assembled

(Photo above) A group of completed poinsettias

(Photo above) A tray of Digby's await final inspection

(Photo above) Each bear is beautifully boxed with certificate

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