We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Deck The Hall - Christmas Mice:

(Photo above) Tiny hands and feet are wired and attached to each mouse

(Photo above) The fine leather tails are measured and trimmed

(Photo above) The felt and cotton jackets are sewn on the industrial machine

(Photo above) The cape is sewn with fur trim and silk lining

(Photo above) The mouse clothing is ironed during production

(Photo above) Several ironing steps are required

(Photo above) The pocket flaps are turned on the turner

(Photo above) After sewing, the capes must also be turned rightside out

(Photo above) The felt bonnet crowns are molded and marked for construction

(Photo above) These tiny silk bows will decorate the bonnet

(Photo above) The sections of the cap are sewn

(Photo above) These are the brims of the felt cap

(Photo above) Each little cap is blocked and shaped

(Photo above) The dapper top hats are carefully finished

(Photo above) Groups of mice are meticulously dressed

(Photo above) The felt caps are positioned on the mice

(Photo above) The song books are added to each mouse

(Photo above) A group of lady carolers and their bonnets

(Photo above) The delicate whiskers are applied last

(Photo above) A group of mice pass final inspection and await boxing

(Photo above) The sets are packaged together with matching certificates

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