We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of Celestial Musician - Hummel Collection:

(Photo above) The star motif is embossed on the tunics

(Photo above) Starch is applied only to the areas where stars will be

(Photo above) This photo shows the embossing process

(Photo above) The tunic is artistically airbrused with several colors

(Photo above) Dressing begins on the doll bodies

(Photo above) An angel wing is molded in the pneumatic press

(Photo above) The wings during the first molding process

(Photo above) A tray of molded all-felt angel wings

(Photo above) Following sewing, the wings are turned rightside out

(Photo above) A wing is hand-stuffed with kapok

(Photo above) A tray of beautifully painted angel wings

(Photo above) Sanding occurs on the Hummel violins

(Photo above) Various aspects of the violin production

(Photo above) Each violin is carefully hand painted in several stages

(Photo above) Work on the violin bow is also happening

(Photo above) Real horsehair is used on the tiny bows

(Photo above) The violin accessories are made entirely at the RJW workshop

(Photo above) A tray of completed wood violins

(Photo above) Each violin and bow is beautifully crafted

(Photo above) The felt bags are shown in the background

(Photo above) Each bag is artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) Dolls await accessorizing and finishing

(Photo above) A chorus of musicians playing fills the air!

(Photo above) The dolls practice playing for their new owners

(Photo above) Each Celestial Musician is beautifully boxed with certificate

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