We are pleased to bring you inside our production studio. The following photos were taken during production of items for the CELEBRATIONS! - the 2011 R. John Wright Convention.

(Photo above) The Peep & Posey eggs are molded in the custom press

(Photo above) The complex process for lining the eggs with colored felt

(Photo above) The pristine airbrushed molded felt egg shells

(Photo above) The ribbon is applied to the eggs

(Photo above) Daughter Lillian works on the felt egg boxes

(Photo above) The egg halves are carefully fitted together

(Photo above) Completed egg boxes with applied felt flowers

(Photo above) Assembling the delicate silk and felt roses for the Rose Fairy

(Photo above) Several stages are required for each rose

(Photo above) The rose petals are artistically curled

(Photo above) The roses are fitted and arranged on their bases

(Photo above) A group of completed Rose Fairy bases

(Photo above) The Rose Fairy is carefully arranged on her base

(Photo above) The Rose Fairies are lined up for final inspection

(Photo above) After inspection they are ready for shipping!

(Photo above) Mary Frances' cape is sewn of felt, silk, and alpaca plush

(Photo above) After sewing, the silk lining is carefully ironed

(Photo above) Mary Frances gets ready for the Victorian Dinner event

(Photo above) A tray of dressed dolls await their bonnets and muffs

(Photo above) Production begins on the Scootles souvenir doll heads

(Photo above) An RJW associate hand paints the Scootle faces

(Photo above) A group of heads await airbrushing

(Photo above) Construction of the molded felt torsos

(Photo above) The limbs and head are attached to the torsos

(Photo above) A group of fully jointed dolls

(Photo above) Each doll is artistically airbrushed

(Photo above) Celebration Scootles awaits costuming

(Photo above) The souvenir dolls pause to smell the flowers!

(Photo above) The hand-dyed organdy party dresses being sewn

(Photo above) Tiny silk ribbons and bows are applied

(Photo above) The trim is applied to the party hats

(Photo above) A group of dolls in their matching organdy panties

(Photo above) Daughter Emily helps to dress the dolls

(Photo above) The completed dolls await their shoes

(Photo above) Dolls with applied wrist corsages

(Photo above) Buttons are added to the Scootle boys' hats

(Photo above) The hats are made of fine cotton and silk velveteen

(Photo above) The leather baby shoes are skillfully formed

(Photo above) Each shoe receives its final polishing

(Photo above) The Celebration Scootle boys are costumed

(Photo above) A group of happy little Scootle boys await boxing

(Photo above) Each doll is carefully packaged

(Photo above) A Celebration Scootle boy ready to meet his new owner

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